2 Yoga Poses for Tennis Elbow


Yoga is the most holistic form of exercise known to man. There are yoga postures that are as easy as breathing. There are some extremely challenging ones that even professional gymnasts will have trouble with. There are yoga poses for every part of the body and they aren’t just chakras but different organs and systems of the body that would benefit from specific postures. There are some yoga poses for tennis elbow that would alleviate the pain, help in recovering and can also lead to a full recovery. Even those who don’t have a severe tennis elbow will benefit from these poses.

1. Wrist-Strengthening Yoga Posture

This is the most complex of all the yoga poses for tennis elbow. There are many variations of this exercise. Side planks, as you may be accustomed with, can be clubbed in this group. You can perform side planks as they not only strengthen the core muscles but also enhance your control of the wrist and the alignment of the muscles in your arm. The most difficult wrist strengthening yoga pose for tennis elbow is bending backward, forming a lovely arch using your legs and back as you rest your head upside down on the floor with your forearms resting on either side. You can begin with a bridge pose and then keep raising your waist till your head rests upside down.

2. Cobra

This is one of the simpler and more popular yoga poses for tennis elbow and for many other health benefits. Cobra pose may seem simpler and easier than others but when you have to hold onto it for a minute or longer, it would be challenging enough. The trick is to hold the cobra pose in the perfect posture with perfect breathing. Else, it is futile. Lie down on the floor or ground on your belly and chest. Place your hands on either side of your chest. Raise your thorax or upper half of the body while keeping the waist and the legs firmly aligned on the ground. Raise your chin and let your neck be stretched. Tilt your head backward as you do this. Keep your hands stretched but not with too much pressure. Your core muscles should take the pressure of keeping your body raised upward. Inhale and exhale normally as you hold onto this pose.

The Supine Thunderbolt Yoga Posture and Finger To Wrist Body Posture are two other yoga poses for tennis elbow.

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