11 Quotes About Overcompensating


Finding your passion in life and turning your dreams into a reality is just one way to bring your life to the level you desire. For many, finding a way to overcompensate for the things they have yet to accomplish can bring deep unhappiness and feelings of lacking control. Here are some quotes about overcompensating that are encouraging.

“A lot of people say I seem masculine, but I don’t feel it. I feel intrinsically feminine. I’d love to be one of the boys but I always felt a bit on the outside. Maybe my masculine qualities come from overcompensating because I’m not one of the boys.”

“A misbegotten hatchling of consciousness, a birth defect of our species, imagination is often revered as a sign of vigor in our make-up.”

“A modern-day conservator of Monticello says that Woodmont Jefferson as an amateur architect rather than a professional was that he made things more complicated than they needed to be for any practical purpose.”

“I was hoping their overcompensating sign would say, but it just says ‘private property’ and shouts lots of threats in capital letters, all of which I plan to completely ignore later.”

“In Dreams… well, I was slightly overcompensating with that. I was a bit like a director for hire, so maybe I was putting too much imagery that was familiar to me into it.”

“I’ve never had a quarterback run-driven offense. We don’t run designed plays where we snap the ball directly to the quarterback and he’s just running it.”

“Men read maps better than women because only men can understand the concept of an inch equaling a hundred miles.”

“Oftentimes, when music is just blasting out it seems like it’s overcompensating for something missing in the song’s structure. When I think of the music that I listen to constantly, it’s never like an assault.”

“People who get to the top of any organisation are generally dysfunctional human beings who are overachieving, overcompensating or overbearing.”

“The author describes the attitude of some on the frontier at Rome’s twilight as exhibiting”a kind of London-in-the-blitz determination to carry on being more Roman than usual.”

“We may overcompensate for our feelings of powerlessness by attempting to control and manipulate other people and our environment. Or we may eventually burst forth with uncontrolled rage that is highly exaggerated and distorted by its long suppression.”

There are many reasons to why some feel the need to overcompensate. Whether they are vulnerable or insecure, it is something that can be resolved in time.

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